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Welcome to Revenge Unlimited

Have you been wronged, mistreated, annoyed or ignored? Is someone tormenting you beyond what you can bare? Are you ready for some PAYBACK?! Do you feel that a good prank is an ART FORM. Explore our site and find piles of good ideas and novelties.

The Revenge Unlimited Message Board is now up and working. Go to the Avengers' Den to ask and give advice of fellow revenge artists.

Revenge Unlimited believes that there are people in desperate need of a good dose of humility. We recommend good natured pranks and non-aggressive expression of distaste, it's therapeutic and better than serving time for assault. REVENGE UNLIMITED does not support or recommend acts of violence, permanent harm, or violation of law. We do not guarantee anything you do will bring about the effect you may want, and we will not be responsible for any actions by persons who visit this site. If you are a victim of a Revenge Unlimited prank....welcome. Remember "Payback is a......" By entering this site you agree that you take full responsibility for your actions.